The American Cybersecurity Institute

Protecting America’s Interests on the
Cutting Edge of National Security

About Us

The American cybersecurity Institute is a newly formed not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, study and analysis in the space of cybersecurity law and policy. The Institute was formed with hope of facilitating meaningful dialogue between government policymakers and key stakeholders across the cybersecurity.


Protecting America’s Interests on the Cutting Edge of National Security

Our nation, and in fact our world, stands at a tipping point and we need thought leaders to step up and help guide us from the brink. One core issue hindering the ability to create holistic, forward-thinking, national cybersecurity policies is the lack of an unbiased, non-partisan foundational framework for thinking about the bedrock principles of cybersecurity and cyber warfare. Cybersecurity is a wide-ranging issue that touches on almost every area of law and public policy, and requires an interdisciplinary approach to fully appreciate. Thus, the Institute believes that education and training, in these various disciplines, for policymakers and their staff is both an essential facet of its mission and an essential component of any possible solution to the problems it was founded to confront. We hope to educate policymakers not only on the threats and issues for which they are responsible, but also on the threats facing the public, private and non-governmental sectors as well, and options for future public-private collaborations to help secure both sectors.

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